Collection: Wellness

Vaidique commenced six months ago with the launch of our Figs & Dates skincare range, which received an overwhelming response from customers. Over the past three months, we have introduced classical Ayurvedic skincare preparations such as Kumkumadi Oil and Chandanadi Oil, along with targeted products like Beard & Face Mist and Dark Circles Defense Serum.

In the coming months, we will gradually and formally introduce various pharmaceutical products, including Madhyaman Sutra (diabetes management tablets), Yoshita Sutra (tablets for female reproductive health and general wellbeing), and Women Health Herbal Blend (Ayurvedic herbal tea).

Our nutraceutical offerings, including Saffron Honey and Raw Honey, are now available. Stay tuned for our general wellness products like Ayurvedic Massage Oils and Dosha-specific Herbal Teas, coming soon!